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The Top Listed Network is a new kind of human edited Internet Directory.

It differs from traditional directories in terms the depth and breadth of information provided about each directory topic and has revolutionised the presentation format. Each Topic in the Top Listed Network exists as a portal in its own right, with its own branding, and its own web address. Instead of just displaying a list of site links, Top Listed displays a live list of sites, ranked by various criteria, and includes thumbnail images of every single site, enabling visitors to preview and assess whether the target site is likely to be of value. Top Listed also encourages listed sites to upload their product catalogue, so they may showcase their products within the Topic. Finally, Top Listed supplements all of the above with highly relevant live news and blog feeds about the Topic.

By bringing together a wealth of sites, products, and news/blog feeds focused on each Topic, the Top Listed Network is uniquely designed to act as a centrally located, valuable resource for visitors
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